ANILOX Laser Technology-uk

Nano Anilox Technology has been developed to help the Flexographic printer to increase the uses of just one Anilox specification for varity applications. Anilox Roller / sleeve inventories in some situations can be reduced to just 4 screen specification. All your Nano screens will perform on long print runs, resist doctor blade scoring and are easier to clean.

Nano Anilox Technology incorporates a cell geometry that allows maximum cell volume release whilst keeping the cell opening to depth ratio at a minimum. This means that a high line count can be achieved and still deliver a high volume transfer. This unique system is exclusive to Anilox Laser Technology Ltd.

• For full 4/6 colour process print.
• For tone, vignette, and fine line text.
• For standard text, reverse, and small solid.
• For solid print, heavy flood / coating applications, varnish.


Developed for maximum flow for high viscosity gloss and UV applications in the Flexographic and offset industries.

Ani-flow white
Used for the applications of high opacity white lay-down.

Ani-plus I/II
I. Developed for high volume ink trasfer for Water-based applications in the paper and corrugated print industries.
II. For high line count and volume UV and SOLVENT applications. specifically devloped for usr with HD plate technology.

For UV anti-spitting applications. We assure to stop anti-spitting with Ani-Max.

A Tri-Helical format developed for direct Flexo and offset dense inks.

The RAINBOW range is developed for extended print runs and reduced cleaning cycles.