Doctor blades for dependable service in high quality printing.

Everything about ERASER LAMELLA doctor blade puts it at top of printing scene.

ERASER Lamella Doctor blades are manufactured of highest grade precision spring steel perfectly hardened and tempered at standardised temperature, pressure and inert atmosphere to enhance cylinder life and blade life as well.

Consistency in thickness of Lamella over ground & lapped width results in longer life of blade and avoids frequent preparation of blade edge. Incorporation of advanced technologies like profile template grinding and lapping of end portion eliminates triaxiality of stresses at the point of greatest stress concentration.

Advantages of Eraser Doctor Blades.

• Blade life is much higher than that of conventional blades.
• No need of adjusting tonal value through blade wear.
• Contact area remains constant throughout the life of bade.
• Profile grinding eliminates sudden changes in contact area.
• Gentle blade pressure enhances cylinder life.
• Ultimate printing quality comes with very first setting of blade.
• Less down time caused through replacement of doctor blade.
• No doctor blade grinding accessories are required. Ink remains clean i.e. free of grinding wastes.

Field of Application : Flexographic and Rotogravure printing with UV, Water and sovent based inks and coating.
Material : High grade carbon- spring steel of (Hardend & Tampered European origin).
Blade Width : 20 -100 mm.
Thickness : 120 Microns (0.12mm), 150 microns (0.15mm) and 200 microns (0.2mm).
Lamella : 120 Microns (0.12mm), 150 microns (0.15mm) and 200 microns (0.2mm).

Specified Lamella can be provided on customer request.

How to Select Lamella Thickness

• 50 microns for films & foils.
• 70 microns mainly for general packaging, paperboard & decor printing.
• 90 microns for flexo. ANILOX, coatings.
• 120 microns for flexo, ANILOX, in conjunction with ceramic rolls.