The Cold Foil Adhesive functions like an additional ink and it is actually a very fast UV-Curable lamination Adhesive and can be bonded in-line in a single run using printing plate for either flexographic web printing or Offset Sheet-fed printing. The Cold Foil Adhesive can be applied precisely with high resolution, even for fine test, lines and design.

We import UV Cold Foil Adhesive from Select Inks C.C, South Africa.This Adhesive tested & approved by all the leading Cold Foil manufacturers. We offer the best quality Cold Foil Adhesive with high durability and superior quality for high speed operation. We import the Cold Foil Adhesive from Select Ink-South Africa in two types:

1) Low Viscosity (FUV1504) for Offset and Flexo.

2) High Viscosity (FUV4911) for Flexo to meet all the customers specific needs.

Applications :

  • The UV Cold Foil Adhesive has been specifically designed for high quality cold foiling in label, packaging and commercial applications including with security and other special effect foils adapted for the cold foil process.
  • The UV Cold Foil Adhesive is designed for various systems, including for use on all types of narrow-web Flexo presses equipped with inter-deck UV lamps and appropriate metering systems, including open pan and chamber doctor Configurations.
  • The Select Ink Adhesive is approved by all the Cold Foil Manufacturers worldwide (K.Laser, Kurz, Univacco, and others). We supply Cold Foil Adhesive to many leading Flexo Printers all over India.
  • Our UV Adhesive FUV 1504 is suitable for Offset on-line cold Foiling also
  • Our Adhesive suitable for various Anilox rollers and it is carefully selected to suit polymer plate design and substrate.