UV Lamps

We supply imported UV LAMPS to the Graphic Industry at ECONOMICAL PRICES. Our Branded UV LAMPS are of INTERNATIONAL QUALITY and the Lamps performance is warranted. Our UV LAMPS are used in Offset, Flexo, Offline UV Coating Machines and in UV Screen Printing Process. We supply high quality UV LAMPS to the leading Printers and Converters in India. Our UV LAMPS have performance warranty.
Please call today... We keep in stock standard UV LAMPS.

UV Exposure Lamps

Western Quartz (USA) produce a good cross section of the UV lamps used in the manufacture of PCB. Some of the common equipment lamp supply for: Adtec, ChuanBao, Colight, C Sun, Eye, G.S., Hi Tech, Olec, Ono Sokki, ORC, PerkinElmer, Riston, Ushio.


Metal halide lamps are widely used in pre-press equipment, such as exposure units and print down frames and various printing and surface coating industries. for example, the exposure of diazo materials, offset plates and screen coatings and also the exposure of coating films and photo-resistant materials in the production of circuit boards.

Lamps are constructed of a quartz envelope containing mercury and argon with the addition of gallium iodide or other rare earth metal additives. The quality of our metal halide lamps can be measured by their long service life, short exposure times, small variations in exposure time during the life of the lamps, and reliable ignition.

During operation the lamps are cooled by air. After switch-off, MH lamps should be allowed to cool down before they are switched on again. For cold lamps the warm-up time to full performance is 2-3 minutes. if a lamp is left on standby it is possible for the lamp to be brought to full power in only a few seconds.

It must be remembered that Metal Halide lamps are a source of radiation that harms skin and eyes, therefore it is extremely important to avoid exposure to direct radiation.

We can supply equivalents to almost any brand of metal halide lamps and for all types of equipment including:
• Agfa • Atilux • Berkry / Burgess • Beltron • C3F • Dainippon • Douthitt • Dupont • Eskofot • IGT • Klimsch • Krause • Misomex • Natgraph • NuArc
• ORC • PRT • Parker • Payne • Sack • Sixt • Staub • Technigraf • Theimer

UV Lamps - Digital Presses

We supply UV LAMPS for flatbed Digital Presses. Our Lamps match the quality of OEM Lamps and Lamps are economical. Please let us know your original part number of lamp & press details to submit quotation. We can supply UV LAMPS for Digital Presses such as Agfa, Dilli, Durst, efi Vutek, Fuji, Gandinnovations, GCC Honle, HP / Colorspan, Inca, Matan, McDermid, Mimaki, Oce, Rastek, Triangle, Shenyang and Zund.

Disposal of Hazardous UV Lamps


Hence, we have developed a system to dispose-off UV LAMPS as per the guidelines laid by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB - Delhi). We issue a "GREEN CERTIFICATE" for Lamps disposal.

IR Lamps - Graphic Industry

We can supply INFRA RED (IR) LAMPS for Print Industry. Our IR LAMPS are imported from Germany & China, having very good quality to replace OEM IR LAMPS. We need your IR LAMPS orignal part number and press details. We can supply IR LAMPS from stock at our overseas principal's location. We can supply Twin Tube IR LAMPS for all types of printing machines such as Heidelberg, Man Rolland, Komori, Mitsubishi, KBA and others. Many Printers are switching from the OEM Supplier to get quality lamps at economical price to save cost at no risk.